If you enjoy sewing, chances are you’d like to up your game and begin to embellish the items you sew. The way to achieve this is with a variety of embroidery stitch Boise, ID. By practicing and utilizing the various stitches listed below, you can begin to create unique stitched patterns on your sewn items – or even simply embellish some upcycled clothing.

Running Stitch

This is the most commonly used embroidery stitch and is primarily used for outlining patterns. It can also be used for any straight lines within the pattern itself.

embroidery stitch Boise, ID

To complete this stitch, you simply draw your threaded needle through your starting point. Place the needle back into the fabric directly beside where it just came out. Continue this way, and you will find yourself creating a straight line (with practice, anyways).

Stem Stitch

This is said to be one of the easiest stitches to master. It is often used for both curving and straight lines and gets its name from its common usage in flower stem embroidery.

To complete this stitch, place threaded needle through the back of your cloth. Return the needle through one stitch length away on the opposite side. Repeat this once more. Then, take your needle and (from the back of the piece) place a stitch just beside and between the two stitches.

Lazy Daisy Stitch

The lazy daisy stitch is most often used in floral patterns and gets its name from the common use of creating embroidered daisies.

Begin this stitch on the back of your cloth by pushing the needle through. Return the needle directly beside the first stich, but do not pull the thread through – leave plenty to create the petal. Now, push the needle through where you’d like the center of the flower to be, and pull up, replacing needle just outside the petal line.