Tips For Designing A Unique Bathroom

If you’re like many Americans, the bathroom is not only a place to take care of your appearance and relieve yourself. Many people have stated that they go to the bathroom to relax, typically by taking a long hot shower.

Being a place of relaxation at the end of a long day, designing your bathroom should take ample consideration. You’ll want to create a unique space that will make you feel enjoyable, be easy to keep clean, and takes into consideration key aspects of your individual personality.

If you’re ready to undertake this large but fun task, consider the following tips for the best possible end results.


You want flooring which is easy to clean, particularly in terms of water. Consider custom ceramic tiles, which is both easy to clean and can give a statement of your personality. Other options include laminated flooring, sealed hardwood, and regular bathroom tiling.

Walls & Ceiling

custom ceramic tiles

Avoid wallpaper in bathrooms, as the steam can cause them to peel. Instead, opt for painting the walls and ceiling. Avoid dark colors, which can cause the room to feel small. Pale and bright colors will make the room feel larger and cozier.

Furniture & More

Your toilet should be large enough for your biggest family member, and cushioned seats are always a huge bonus. Your shower can be stand up, claw-footed, or spa-type. This all depends on your personal preferences.

The sink should double as extra storage. A good vanity should provide storage beneath, and a medicine cabinet can be installed which doubles as a mirror. Dual vanities are perfect for the master bathroom, and ca provide plenty of additional storage.

Another storage option is an over-the-toilet rack. This provides a convenient spot to store extra toilet paper rolls, wash clothes, and even towels. Don’t forget to add at least one towel rack, which is both sanitary and convenient.