Under Water for Fun and Exercise

As many pack the gyms to get in shape for those long sunny days at the beach or at a friend’s pool, what is on everyone’s mind is how to get that body as soon as possible. But the thought of investing hours at the gym and watching every bite they eat can be discouraging. Its also not everyone’s idea of fun to be in an area full of people sweating and grunting with every lift. For those, there are other ways of getting in shape.

Swimming for fun

Whether at a public pool or one at a gym or swimming facility, dedicating a few hours a week to doing laps can be a good way to get the body toned and ready for the summer days. In addition to be a good workout, it’s also fun and refreshing to do. By going back and forth, with varying swim styles, each muscle gets its due workout as the entire body is needed to propel itself from one end to the other.

Swimming to be in shape

swimming backstroke

Every stroke requires consistent and rigorous use of the arms and legs. While exerting the arms forward and using the legs to act as a flutter, maintaining the body balanced will also make use of the core muscle groups. This results in an effective, all-around beneficial exercise that doesn’t feel as tedious as being at the gym doing lifts or being on the treadmill.

Swimming strokes and styles

There are many styles of swimming at the pool. One form is swimming backstroke, where the body is in a different position, being able to inhale oxygen freely, and working out the entire body. Other strokes, such as the free stroke, also help in making good use of the arms and legs with every lap. Overall, swimming is a tried and true method of getting in shape.